In Line automatic Tray Sealers

Tray sealer O² 3500

The O² 3500 is a tray sealer cased with stainless steel and plexiglass that allows a change of format in less than two minutes thanks to a carrousel equipped with 4 toolings on board.

Change of format in less than 2 minutes

In production, it is possible to preheat the following toolings to shorten the time format changes.



The change of format on the 3500 is done in 2 minutes while it takes 15 minutes on a standard tray sealer.
Over a period of 4 hours with a rate of 2 format changes, the gross 88% OEE on a standard tray sealer rises to 99% on the
3500 Flex. In "Vacuum and Gas" mode, the 3500 reached a rate of 1390 sealed trays per hour.


In the configuration of an integrated tray sealer – weigh price labelling module, the workstation has been designed so that a single operator can manage the flow of input and output trays.
Its stainless and plexiglass provides an easy to use and safe workspace for the operator.

Accessibility is also an asset of the
3500 : easy access to toolings; all casings can be opened, thereby facilitating maintenance and cleaning.

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