Ergonomics Pack

For your thermoforming machines

The Ergonomics Pack for your thermoformers

Mecapack developed the Ergonomics Pack adapted to your thermoforming machines FS 910, FS 930 and FS 950.

This pack is available for the following process: MAP, EasyShrink, SkinFresh, Smart Cut, Easy Cut, ...

Your equipment is scalable: adapt the Ergonomics Pack to your thermoformers!


  • Easy accessibility to thermoforming and sealing toolsthanks to sliding guards and hinged upper tooling, without any restrictive handling;

  • Opening and closing of upper tooling in less than 10 seconds thanks to a Mecapack Patented auto-locking system;

  • The tooling extraction system allows rapid changing of moulds and sealing plates;

  • Innovations that make it possible to carry out a complete change of format in a time comparable to that of a sealing machine without tools and to achieve a noticeable improvement in the overall operating efficiencies of a production line;

  • Multiply purpose cutting systems: cutting by compression without adjustment when changing thickness of film.

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