In line Tray sealer O²

New range of Tray Sealers

Since 1982, Mecapack (Proplast group) has rounded a new cape with the launch of its news inline tray sealers range: Oxygen.

Mecapack wanted to introduce an innovating offer by distancing itself from the packing machines competitors: until 6000 sealed trays per hour.

The new Mecapack ranges focus on the simplification or skipping format change-over operations.

The O² 6000 inline tray sealer is equipped with a tooling which can be used as simple or double line (about 5000 trays/hour).

The O² 7500 inline tray sealer can be equipped with two on-board Simple Line tooling. It gives the possibility to produce 2 different formats of trays in NSM mode without any change of format (6000 trays/hour).

Conveyors and sealing parts removals don’t need any tool in particularly.  The complete guarding assure a safe production for both the worker and the products. The Plexiglas guards grants a view of the line and products.

The frame of the O² 7500 is made of stainless steel with Plexiglas guards for a complete interior and exterior wash of the machine.

Discover right now the O² tray sealers range